About Happy Dogs

I started Happy Dogs in 2007 as a dog walking service, but soon realized that I enjoy the whole range of pet care too much to stay in such a narrow niche. So I've expanded my services to cover all kinds of pet sitting and created a 'purr-tner' company, Happy Cats, to express my cat-loving side. (Check out the Services page for rates and information on all pet sitting services, including for cats.)

My approach to animals is based on love and respect. I believe we serve any animal best by recognizing each one as an individual – from its hard-wiring to its life experiences – whether a shelter dog or purebred, a feral cat or one that's been loved by humans since the day it was born.

I use certain basic guidelines. Dog in general need lots of exercise, structure, affection and respect. They need the security of knowing what the rules are and who's in charge. Cats, on the other hand, don't worry about who's in charge. (We all know the answer to that one anyway, don't we?) They need mostly affection, respect, and play – in their own personalized doses.

Working with animals has enriched my life, and I'm fortunate to have a natural connection with them. If you're not able to give your pet as much exercise and attention as they need, let me help. I've been an animal lover my whole life, and now loving animals is my life.

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