Services Provided


Dog Walking
If your dog needs a break or a chance to let off some steam, I can do a neighborhood walk or drive to a nearby trail.

  • Rate for individual dog walks:
    15 minutes–$15
    20 minutes–$20

The DogMobile
Your dog can climb aboard the DogMobile and join the Happy Dogs pack for fun and companionship. Your dog will go on walks, explore trails and spend time in the good company of other friendly pups. I'll pick up and drop off your dog. The times are flexible but space is limited, so please contact me to discuss the options. Rate is $25 per day. There's also a $.50/mile charge for the pick up and drop off, rounded to the nearest mile from Winslow to your location.

Pet Sitting
I’ll visit your pets in your home. The following services are included as needed:

  • Dogs
    Walks, meals, play, reinforcement of training, medications.
    20-30 minute visit–$20
  • Cats
    Meals, play, lap time, litterbox cleanup, medications.
    20-30 minute visit–$18
    Five consecutive days-$16 per visit
  • Others
    Services based on the type of pet, including birds, rabbits,
    reptiles, etc.
    10 minute visit–$15.
    20-30 minute visit–$18

Shuttle to Animal Magnetizm
One-way or roundtrip shuttle service to the doggie daycare at Animal Magnetizm.

  • One way: $6 + $.50/mile
  • Roundtrip: $12 + $.50/mile

If you're out of town or working long days, I can add pet visits as part of this service:

  • Quick visit: $12
    Feeding and a quick (potty break) walk when picking up or dropping off your dog.
  • Longer visit: $20
    Feeding and a 20-30 minute walk when picking up or dropping off your dog.

Behavior Consulation
I’m not a professional trainer but I speak pretty fluent Dog. If you’re baffled or bothered by your dog’s behavior I can probably offer some insights.

My main interest is in de-mystifying what your dog does and helping to build a better bond between the two of you. For trickier issues I’ll point you towards the excellent local trainer, Judith Bell. My consultation rate is $40 per hour, with a ½ hour minimum.

I offer short-term housesitting (2 weeks max.) that includes general pet care and 2-3 dog walks per day, plus mail and newspaper pickup and basic household maintenance (putting out trash and recycling, watering plants/garden, etc.)

  • Rate is $60 per full day; $30 per part day (part days begin after 2 pm or end before 2 pm)